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Making Our Home Biz Work

October 15, 2010 by  
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The time spent working at home with my Home Biz, is amazingly not work at all, but sharing goodness with the world! I really never thought that it could have possibly turned out this way, but once I got my husband on board, it only got better!

Being business partners has opened up new ways of communicating for us as well. The time spent in our offices (we each have our own) has actually turned out to be quite an adventure. Our daytime marriage is completely different than our night-time marriage. We grow as business partners every day, and as a couple!

For us it came naturally. People often ask us how we manage to combine the two. One thing we try hard to do is stick to the basics of what those before us have taught. It’s important not to try to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes it’s tempting to try new things, which is fine, but you must remember to keep the same rules in place that successful others always use.

This is why connecting with others that are successful is so important! They’ve been there, and they have probably made the same mistakes that you have, and more! They are always willing to share their success stories with you, because they are so happy, and proud of their accomplishments!

In fact this Home Biz encourages you to ask for assistance, no matter how small, or silly you may think your problem or question is. It’s all about helping others find success! It might sound crazy, but the first time you help someone create the kind of life they crave, it’s an amazingly great feeling inside!

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