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Thoughts to Enhance what you have

December 18, 2010 by  
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Not often enough do we sit and take inventory of our lives, and how we go about living them.  Especially when it comes to choices that effect our health.  By the time most of us reach middle age, we have experienced a variety of setbacks and results from things that we weren’t paying attention to, like what goes in, and on our bodies.

Sometimes I play these little mind games with myself.  It goes something like this…   I start to imagine that I have an identical twin.  Maybe not nearby, and maybe not even close enough to talk to often, but this is how I imagine it to be:

I imagine that I only see, or speak to my twin once every 5 years.  So by the time that 5 year anniversary comes around, I’m starting to take inventory of my appearance and the way I care for my skin, whether I exercise, what I eat, whether I get enough sleep etc.  I also wonder if I’ve been taking good enough care of my skin, my teeth, my feet, and if I’ve been providing the right vitamins to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ah… you see, I am concerned because I may be looking my twin in the eye soon, and I’m starting to worry if she will be a better version of me!

This may sound strange, but hey, if it works… Yes, that 5 year stretch doesn’t mean you can squeeze it all in during the last 6 months…right?

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